Thursday, 4 October 2012

Teapigs Chamomile Tea

Teapigs teas are my absolute obsession at the moment. I received a set of different flavours for my birthday and have continued to grow my collection ever since. Although perhaps slightly pricey for tea, I can get two cups of tea out of one bag, still with lots of flavour and so it works out much more economical!

This chamomile tea contains just whole chamomile flowers - as if you'd just picked them out of the garden! Not only are they pretty to look at while drinking the tea but chamomile flowers are widely known for their calming effects which can reduce anxiety and also help with sleep. Not crushed, this contains the whole flower which ensures you get all of the benefits of the plant. The bags themselves are biodegradable pyramid "tea temples" which means the flowers can move around and let all of their goodness in to the tea.

I love this tea just before bed, lovely and relaxing! I leave the bag in the cup and sip while reading a good book :)

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  1. Definitely need to stock up on Pukka teas - I haven't had any for a good 6 months, so thanks for reminding me :) xxx